Visual YAFS is a multi-platform (Java FX) open-source (GPLv3) graphical user interface for YAFS. Click here to see more information about YAFS.


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First, start Visual YAFS using the provided JAR. Your operating system may require administrator/superuser permission to read and write the device driver that will be changed. In this case, you may want to run it using some sudo variation or Windows "Run as administrator" feature.

This figure shows the screen used to select the operation mode. It is displayed after initialization phase. The advanced mode is not available yet.

The Wizard mode will ask you to select a device and a sort criterion. Before Visual YAFS starts YAFS, you will have to confirm the options you have chosen.

This figure shows the screen used to present execution plan that will be executed by YAFS.

Lastly, Visual YAFS performs the changes employing YAFS and presents the result.

This figure shows then screen used to present YAFS executions that finished successfully.