About me

I have Master's and Bachelor's degree in Computer Science awarded by Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG). My interest in the area began in my childhood when I got my first computer. At the time, it was used mainly for recreational purposes. During my adolescence, however, arose in me a desire to understand how this machine works and how I could create my own programs. It was born, then, a passion for computer programming.

Therefore, I have decided to enroll myself in the Computer Science undergraduate course. During the course, a desire to study, an intention to obtain a broader and deep understanding, and an interest in smallest details led me to take part in a program of undergraduate research. Later, due to progress of work, I was admitted to the graduate program where I obtained a Master's degree in Computer Science.

I have effectively been programming computers since 2005. A sentence of which I am not the author best sums up how I see my role in this context: "Programming everywhere you need him to". I like it because it expresses my desire to act in different contexts and my ability to adapt myself well to them primarily through the self-learning. Obviously, this does not mean that I know everything or that I disregard the experience. The point is that it expresses my taste for the various challenges that exist in Computer Science and my certainty that I will bring forth good results.

About this Home Page

This Home Page's goal is to share material related with my software engineer career and education. The content is mainly composed by my projects, experiments and articles based on my research, knowledge, ideas and opinions. I share this content with the intent that it will be useful. At the same time, I want to improve it through your feedback, that will also contribute to my professional development.

Therefore, freely browse through this pages' content. I intend to expand/increment it through periodical updates. Feel free to report me your impressions, comments and errors you find.